NUS Professor Invited to Yale to Adress Gay Rights in Singapore

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In a lecture, sponsored by LGBT Studies at Yale Professor Lynette Chua of the National University of Singapore shared the findings of her research on the relationship between law and the gay rights movements in Southeast Asia, and more specifically her findings about the gay right movement in Singapore.

During her presentation she explained how the LGBTQ movement uses guerilla tactics to advocate their cause without directly confronting the Singapore ruling party on what she defines as “pragmatic resistance”. According to Professor Chua “If you want to get somewhere without ending up in jail, you have to employ non-confrontational tactics.” In this process waiting for changes that might open policy windows to further advocate their cause has been fundamental. She also highlights “The shifting attitude — from the police raiding gay bars only decades ago to the government acknowledging the presence of gay people in Singapore — is a step forward for the gay rights movement,”

To access coverage from the lecture from Yale Daily News click here


One thought on “NUS Professor Invited to Yale to Adress Gay Rights in Singapore

  1. Let’s get this clear… The point is not about shifting attitudes or about non-confrontational tactics. The point is it is a blatant human right violation to make Homosexual acts illegal. The LGBT community is not trying to GAIN something that isn’t given to the rest of the population. It is merely trying to get the SAME rights as the rest. It is WRONG to even HAVE a law punishing homosexuality. The community does not need to wait for HALF its goddamn life to be freed from oppression. Would you have told women in the 1950s that they should not be ‘confrontational’ in demanding the rights that were owed to them? Would you have told the blacks that they should not have been confrontational in obtaining their rights? This CLEARLY shows that the government just sees the LGBT community as just someone asking for a favour and NOT a group that DESERVES justice. I mean, com’on! She just said the group uses ‘Guerrilla tactics’. What nonsense! I have NEVER seen ANY form of advocacy in Singapore for LGBT communities. Why would I have to wait 50 years for you to allow me to sleep with the one I love? I NEED MY RIGHTS NOW.

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